Bring on 2024- With BLUE

Happy New Year!  Okay I am seriously so excited for this new year.  Every year I feel more and more excited to start a new year.  I know that 100% the pros and cons of the ending year will also be going into the new year with me.  There is just something so fresh and new about starting off on day 1. 

As a retailer I am always looking and thinking ahead up upcoming trends and ideas the retail world has ahead of us. The color is BLUE. Blue is popping up everywhere! Ever since I figured out the Blue would be our color for 2024 I see it everywhere now.  Do you love blue?  Man, I sure do!  

Let's go down this blue idea a little more.  I am no way suggesting you go out and make blue your signature color this year. Paint the house blue, hehe. I am however asking if you look around your space.  Right now, sitting in your chair playing on your phone.   Look around you and see if there is anywhere  that could use a fresh pop of color? I believe in my own house I have a blue wall to paint.  I can image it now in my head a nice denim distress (slightly) blue wall.  I have the color in my head but not exactly sure how to pull it off yet.

There are many other ways to bring blue in.  Lamps, candles, candle sticks, pillows, rugs. decorative items.  Don't you worry I have some EXCELLENT items coming into the Nest the are Blue.  Want a sneak peek?



So now that I have put the thought in your head let's see if you start seeing blue everywhere.  If you do choose to add some color to your life come down to the studio or check out our online store for some blue.